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Posted: May 16, 2018
HOUSECLEANING ** 25 Yrs. Exp. ** No Teams ** Reasonable Rates! (Baltimore & Surrounding Areas)
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I am the Sole Owner and Operator of my business and have been cleaning houses for 24 years. I'm a PERFECTIONIST, and VERY THOROUGH, so I DON'T CUT CORNERS when I clean. It may take me a little longer, but you will be happy when I'm done!

I can do Residential or Commercial cleaning. I also provide Move-In or Move-Out cleanings and Next Day cleanings (if there is an opening and you call no later than 9:00 p.m. the day before). I am available every day except Sunday and Wednesday. I can make an exception for Wednesday for a one-time cleaning, such as for a Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning or a Special Occasion coming up that week.

MY RATES: Start at $50.00 for 3 hours. You must not be any more than 20 minutes away to get the $50.00 rate, which does not include Move-In, Move-Out cleanings or extremely dirty places. My rates vary for more than 3 hours and depends upon the distance, condition of your house or apartment and how often you need cleaning. Call for details.

NOTE: IF your house or apartment is EXTREMELY DIRTY and/or CLUTTERED, I will have to charge more for the FIRST cleaning.



- All Mirrors Cleaned
- Window Sills Wet Wiped
- Bathtub or Shower Walls & Doors Wiped Down
- (Spray Used for Soap Scum or Mold)
- Outside of Cabinets Wiped Down
- Fingermarks on Doors or Walls Removed
- Toilets & Sinks Cleaned
- Floors Wet Moped (Washed by Hand for Small Bathrooms)
- Trash Cans Emptied, Lined & Wiped Out, if necessary


- All Furniture Dusted with Pledge or Endust
- Lamp Shades dusted with a Second Polish-Free Rag
- All Items on top of Dressers Dusted Off (unless severe clutter, then
- I will use a feather duster)
- Ceiling Fans Cleaned with a Lambs Wool Extender (or hand washed with
- a wet rag if extremely dirty)
- Window Blinds Feather Dusted
- Window Sills Dusted or Wet Wiped
- Mirrors Cleaned
- Floors Vacuumed (Including Baseboards)
- Trash Cans Emptied, Lined & Wiped Out, if necessary


- Counters and All Appliances Wiped Down
- Cabinets Cleaned on Outside Wherever Needed
- Outside of Stoves and Refrigerators Cleaned
(Inside, if requested)
- Inside of Microwaves
- (Stainless Steel Polish used for Stainless Steel)
- Ceiling Fans Cleaned
- Floors Vacuumed and Wet Moped
- Trash Cans Emptied & Wiped Out, if necessary


- General Dusting and Vacuuming
- All Ceiling Fans Dusted
- Window Sills Wiped
- Blinds Feather Dusted
- Finger Marks Removed on Walls and Doors
- All Interior & Exterior Doors Cleaned (if needed)


- Laundry
- Windows
- Ironing
- Litter Box Cleaning

NOTE: There are a few things that I DON'T DO. I don't normally do beds, unless you are disabled or elderly. I also don't do dishes. I'd rather concentrate on cleaning, as this is the main reason people hire me. I give FREE PHONE OR E-MAIL ESTIMATES!

Please call (410) 444-2608 for a FREE QUOTE with details of what needs to be cleaned and how often you need cleaning. Thank you!
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