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Posted: Mar 19, 2023
Targeted business card advertising as low as $17.50/week (west Kentucky)
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Captiv8 your customers. Television is expensive and who pays attention to the advertisements? Papers and Magazines are being taken over by smart phones, tablets and pc's. All of this advertising cost so much that they will eat up a third or better of your profits to reach your target audience, BEFORE they become remotely effective. Advertising today is more like trying to target a castaway lost at sea!

No worries, has your solution with targeted indoor advertising. Advertise to your customers whether they be; male,female; young or slightly aged to perfection; nail that all allusive 18-34 money spending crowd. Target your individuals, drive traffic to your website (don't have one? we design them too!!), lead generation, returns business SUSTAINABLE PROFITABILITY with effective advertising!!! professes that indoor advertising is one of the best possible media for reaching the affluent 18-34 year old group that tend to be more educated on average. 70% of affluent 18-34 year olds are single and has a higher education level than 35-50. 46% of this group has university degrees leading to 45k+ incomes. These young adults spend an average of 20.6 hours per week engaged in out of home activities. More than 80% of the 18-34 year old affluent adults say that indoor billboards catch their attention. 62% of this active lifestyle says that indoor billboards are a great way to learn about new products. Research indicates indoor advertising through indoor billboards is the best for capturing the audience attention. Indoor billboard captures its audience 79% of the time. The capture rate for other media was: TV 46%, Magazine 25%, Current outdoor media 24%, radio 24% and newsprint 21%.

Of this affluent group, after seeing an indoor ad 37% took action and visited a website connected to the indoor advertisement viewed, 29% visited a store featured in the advertisement and 21% of them actually purchased products after seeing the indoor advertisement.

Indoor advertising also rated better compared to other media in acceptance as less than 14% of young adults objected to indoor advertising. However 77% of these young adults thought there are too many television commercials and 49% believe the newspapers are too cluttered with advertisements. This 86% approval rating is astounding for indoor advertising as you can't change the channel or turn the page to avoid it as they are a captive audience.

So contact us today with your advertising needs or if you would like us to create another revenue stream for your business buy bringing advertisers to your venue!!!
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